benefits of hot tub after workout

benefits of hot tub after workoutHot baths, more than anything else we can think of, may give you a sense of rebirth. They can help relax your muscles, increase blood flow, and stimulate healing, giving your stiff and aching body a delightful, revitalized feeling.

Heat and cold therapy are two of the most effective strategies to improve muscle repair and avoid muscle damage when doing more strenuous activities. Many of us are aware of the health advantages of hot tubs, but few are aware of how beneficial a hot tub after an exercise session can be to the body.
Your hot tub may be the most immersive form of physical therapy that is available to you, and luckily, it may just be the best overall. Is going in the hot tub after a workout good? Let’s dive in and take a closer look.


When you sit in a hot tub for even a short period of time, your core temperature will change, along with your blood circulation and metabolic rate.

One of the main reasons that exercise facilities will usually provide members with access to hot tubs is that hydrotherapy is one of the best ways to reduce pain in the joints and muscles.

Plus, it benefits exercise recovery.
A study was performed by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, which showed that hot tub users were able to prevent elastic tissue damage after their workouts. A muscle protein known as Myoglobin, which is released into the bloodstream after your muscles are damaged, was reduced in numbers after patients spent time soaking in the hot tub.

Experts say that most of the muscle recovery has to do with timing it right. Relaxing in the hot tub sounds incredible after a long and arduous workout, though to help get the most out of your hot tub experience and reduce the most amount of inflammation, it is necessary to wait until your heart rate has returned to a resting state and your muscles have cooled down.

One of the best ways to do this is to put a cold pack or cold water on your muscles for about 15 minutes before slipping into a 15-minute hot tub soak.


To help prevent injuries that are in correlation with working out, most intelligent athletes will stretch or warm-up first. Having warm and relaxed muscles and tendons is the best way to avoid injury.

Hot tubs are wonderful in mimicking warm-ups, as they increase blood flow to your limbs by dilating the blood vessels. This will help to reduce tension in the body overall. A 15-minute soak in the hot tub combined with a little bit of light stretching will help to prepare you for a serious workout.

You’ll be able to workout with a wider range of motion as well, as your muscles will feel more stretched out.


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